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Is my Hummy on it's way out?

Discussion in 'HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware' started by Rob Singlehurst, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. I recorded The Apprentice last night on BBC1 HD and then we started watching it from the recording about 10 minutes before the recording finished. After a couple of minutes got the black screen with a message saying the program is encrypted (can't remember the exact message now) and that was that...The box also crashed, ie. remote wouldn't do anything - I could get into the webif and it just said the recording was still playing in the status bar at the top of the window. Left it all night but still appeared the same this morning so I switched it off with the rocker switch at the back. Switched it back on a few moments later and she came back up as normal

    I have Auto Shrink and Auto Decrypt installed which run automatically. I left it about 10 minutes and then checked in the media library, the recording is now decrypted and will play fine!!

    I'm guessing this is my third Hummy on it's way out??

    Any thoughts?


  2. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    We have had a few examples of this kind of thing, there appears to be a fault which can lead to the unit forgetting its decryption keys until rebooted. Don't worry unless it starts happening regularly.
  3. Ta,
    It happened on Saturday with Strictly Come Dancing too (guess who wasn't very popular!!!), but this was when it was still recording as well (and also on BBC1 HD). I'll keep an eye on it and also on eBay!
  4. Trev

    Trev The Dumb One

    Could this have been caused by the reported Freeview problems oven the last couple of days put down to multipath CCI?
    Forget eBay unless you want a spare, fix what you have got (if indeed it is broken).
  5. Ahhh, hopefully that's what it is! The one I am using is an eBay one that hadn't been used much - apparently.... I might dig out my older one that started to "appear to" have tuning issues and plug it back in. Is it possible to transfer the tuner from one box to another? I've got the type where the RF In and Out are lined up horizontally, think they used to be lined up vertically on the original ones.

    Also where is a reliable place to check if there are Freeview problems?
  6. Other way round - the earlier ones had two tuner modules mounted side-by-side, later ones like the one here had a single twin-tuner module with the RF connectors one above the other.
  7. Thanks, my recent eBay one is getting on a bit then...
  8. The ones on eBay are usually the earlier ones - the later ones seem quite rare.

    Bought the one here from eBay three years back now because it was a later one. From the paperwork it had came from John Lewis 23/10/13 and was returned Oct '14 for "Won't retune even after manufacturer reset - goes into reboot cycle that does not stop" which IIRC was a known issue at one point. Came back working OK with 1.03.11/a7.34 on it but the customer had bought another PVR so eBayed for a lot less than they paid for it.
  9. I think the early ones had the red label on the back of the top cover where as the later ones didn't? Useful for when checking eBay photos! They seem to be going like hot cakes at the moment though - presumably mainly to people on this forum...;)
  10. Possibly, although if you want a good PVR that's just a PVR - no YouView, smart functions and the like, it's still a very good choice even before you add the CFW.

    Pity the very similar YouView DTR-T1000 which goes very cheaply (I picked up one complete from a charity shop for £3) apparently has sufficient hardware differences to make it not worthwhile investigating getting the HDR-Fox stuff running on it.