Is now the time to buy?

Thank you for the responses. I've comitted to purchase. It really wasn't going to take much to convince me.

To respond to a few things mentioned:

Scart/GUI/Outputting as SD issues: Not to worry, I have no intention of using this with a non-HD television and do not currently utilise the scart pass-through on the 9200T.

Lack of PiP: Strange to remove a feature. Would rarely use it when watching live TV in order to channel surf while waiting for adverts to end. Watching live TV kind of defeated the point of a PVR though!

Lack of built-in editor: Never bothered with it personally. Any keeprs on the 9200T were transferred and edited on a PC.

The 9200T will now be handed down to replace an 8000T!
As an experiment I just tried extracting the EIT data from a standard def. transport stream file. The resulting file (containing just EIT data) was 20% of the original.
It will be worth writing a utility to strip that out then!
If someone was able to add that to the custom firmware then that would remove part of my reluctance to buy a HDR to add to my HD Fox T2.
The HD/HDR menus are designed for viewing at distance suitable to appreciate HD. If the HD/HDR is used for just standard definition (SD) you may need to be closer to the TV to be able to read the Humax menus. This is due to the non-changable colour scheme Humax have used.
This is the first time I've ever seen anyone comment on the colour scheme. Under the bonnet the HDR actually contains two different schemes and allows some tweaking of box backgrounds through the settings database. Which parts do you find hard to read? It might be possible to make some changes through the custom firmware.

... the Media Menus. Under the programme name there is a line which has hh:mm DD/MM nnn min. nn Channel.
This is in grey ...

I came across this from another site earlier today:
Reed said:
Another minor irritation with the latest HD box is that some print in the program guide is too faint to read easily

He is referring to the same grey and black as on the Media Menus.
If it was possible to tweak the colour settings that to improve on the grey on black that would be the clincher for me.
af123, is there any chance of you looking into this sometime this year?
Damned if I know what these colour grumblings are about. Is this from people with vision defects?
No. SD TV in my case. I'd expect that it would be improved if I had an HD TV to display SD programmes. Currently I've displayed the grey text on my TV and adusted the contrast so that it slightly easier to read but I would prefer to adjust it for a TV porgramme instead, and it is still far from being as easy to read as the 9150/9200/9300T. Making it easier to read adds more flexibilty on viewing distance when using the menus.

BTW The reason I often use AD is not because of a vision defect but because I don't the have to look at the TV all the time while 'watching' a programme if it is activated. It makes handling knives and fragile objects far safer while watching TV.
Colour settings "grey and black"
Is this a reference to webif?
I have tested the with both Firefox and IE and cannot find any grey and black menus. Is this a reference to the OPT+ button?
It could be that the web browser settings could help. See PDF file.


  • Web browser colour settings.pdf
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If you press guide , the left hand side ie stations are grey on black, highlighted white went a particular station is selected. A;so the prog info on that screen is also grey on black.
Is this what you are talking about because if you are and are finding it illegible then you either have a fault on your telly, contrast/brightness needs setting correctly or you may have a problem with your vision. By the way I have a bus pass and need glasses and they're as clear as a bell
It is not a fault on the telly or my eyesight. It is a standard def 4:3 telly. The script being about 18% shorter than on the 9200T means that if I get close enough to see the pixels I can see that part of the issue is that on a SD TV. Because they are not distinctly displayed it is impossible to see them well whatever one’s eye sight. The poor choice of contrast makes this worse when viewed at a more traditional distance. I have adjusted the contrast on my tv to counteract some of the lack of contrast already and so yes my TV is set to the incorrect contrast, but that makes the characters more readable not less.
The first area you spoke of on the left is just about OK. What isn’t is the second line for a programme in the media menu and the description at the top of the screen you mentioned..
It sounds as though you can always see this because you have not tried viewing the menus on a standard TV at a more traditional distance for a standard TV. Is that the case? I’d be interested if the characters are displayed distinctly in this situation. The TV itself is performing OK and works fine on other EPGs. The Humax is connected to cables I use for swapping out different STB/PVRs.
I take it you are viewing via SCART then? No way has the SUI been designed for that. I just tried degrading the HDMI - it's still OK at 720, starting to show artefacts at 576.
The Uk is now 16:9 and that is the standard 4:3 is now non- standard . I work in the television industry and can't remember the last 4:3 program I made