Is there an issue with viewing the Forum with Chrome v.16


I'm getting a message saying 'Load jQuery first!' everytime I click on a post, and also I can't create or reply to any threads

I'm using Google Chrome v.16.0.912.75

Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 8.0.1 and 9.0.1 work OK
That's funny, because now I've upgraded to 17.0.963.46, mine is working OK now

Bearing in mind that I know noting about web sites and how they are created, I've recently updated some add-ons and Java in Chrome, so it may not be Chrome that is causing the issue, but something else

Does this forum use JavaScript?
Yeah this forum relies heavily on Javascript; jQuery is a javascript library...

Theres an update for this forum software which I will now apply. Let me know if it fixes your issue.