Issue since - HDR_FOX_T2_1.02.20_mod_1.12_upgrade.hdf



Since I applied this firmware upgrade I can no longer use the HDR-Fox T2 to view files on my NAS drive.

My NAS is a Western Digital My World Book Edition White Lights.
This is working fine, I've rebooted everything and I can access the files and stream fine using my PS3 or HTC Desire phone.

The Humax sees the drive across the network, but doesn't see any files or folders on it.
Any reason why this would happen ?

I may roll back to 1.11 and see if that fixes the issue, but then I'd lose the custom portal etc.

Any testing, please let me know !

I can't think of a single difference between 1.11 and 1.12 that would explain this change in behaviour. Neither version should interfere with the standard Humax software at all.

If you are seeing the folders but not the content, it's worth checking that you have picked the right media type (blue or yellow button - can't check just now) as the Humax will only show files which match the media type that's selected. Other people may have some more ideas if that isn't it.
Thanks for the reply, I don't even see the folders.
The NAS is detected, but nothing at all shows when I select it.

If I do it on the PS3, all the folders and content are shown. If I get time to night I'll down grade the firmware and see if that helps.
Any issues doing that ??

I think this may be some setting you applied to the NAS before you upgraded the firmware.
Are you using DLNA or FTP?
Have you set sharing permissions on the folders on the NAS?
Is it just video folders you cannot see or music/photo too?
Are you in the right media type mode on the humax?

I would go down the NAS investigation route before blaming the humax.
I'm can reset the NAS drive, but it's fully accessible from my PS3 and phone. So I don't think it's that !!
The video's etc are in a shared area that is not password protected.

From the Humax, it doesn't matter if I select music/photos or videos. I get nothing.
PS3 and Android phone are fine.

I'll take a look at the NAS tonight and see what I can see !!
Quick update.
I've factory defaulted the NAS, still not seen by the HDR-Fox T2, works fine on my HTC Desire and PS3 !!

Must be the Humax. I'll upgrade to 1.13 and see if that helps.
Looking at the Web interface.. I get:
Recording Frozen Planet_20111102_2101.ts
Recording config-ocontroller-si-rootfs.txt (deleted)
Watching Output information may be incomplete.

Currently I'm recording Frozen Planet & Paul Merton, whilst watching Frozen Planet.
Why does it not show that ??