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Issues Changing Firmware to 4.1.3

Hi everyone, new Humax user here

I've got a Foxsat-HDR Humax with the following details:

Application version: 1.00.21
Loader version: U7.54
System id: 37680000

I've followed through the steps dead on through to step 10 from here:

avforums . com/threads/media-file-server-bundle-for-the-foxsat-hdr-release-3-dummies-guide.1442060/

On bootup, the lcd screen displays Custom FW 4.1.3, and it then just boots into the normal humax environment.

I wondered what am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help
Oops. Thinking about HDR Fox T2. Best wait until a Foxsat expert surfaces. Post 2 is still relevant.
PC/Mac/Android etc. All should connect and display the web I/F if the Foxsat is connected by Ethernet cable to your router.
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Hi guys, I worked it out early this morning, the url was different on mine - I didn't need to use port 9000!

Thankyou for your help :)

Need to work out how to get the on demand stations working now, everything is blank. At least I can add my own movies to watch now!
There are in effect no on demand content remaining on a Foxsat-HDR. A Foxsat-HDR cannot replay external content unless it has the required sidecar files being built and transferred to the Foxsat-HDR or stored on a remote server using the package designed to cross connect two Foxsat-HDRs, these can be created by Raydons AVR2HDR), without this step you will get nothing. The technology has long since been replaced,

The custom firmware has the capability to add a DLNA server package to allow it's recordings made without encryption to be viewed remotely. HD recordings can be viewed remotely after Nowsters Patch is installed.

Access by the Web Interface is just the first step.

Not sure what you expect the custom firmware to do for you ?
That's weird. Where does it say about port 9000? IIRC, that's for DLNA access - not WebIF.
That's the port number for Twonkymedia's own Web based configuration screen. (Twonky now needs to be installed via Webif)
From the link he posted in #1 the OP was referencing a long superceded guide posted way back in 2011.
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