ITV player -> HDR Fox T2


So... I wanted to watch a series of programmes I'd missed on ITV. ITV Player had streamable content; the progs were also obtainable through iTunes.

I tried both, and the iTunes ones - though larger M4V files - wouldn't play properly, stuttering and blipping. Perhaps because I don't have a fruit-based computer?

So I used GetFLV ( to download and convert the ITV Player files (as mentioned elsewhere there are free alternatives to GetFLV).

Still using GetFLV I converted the flv files to .mp4, original resolution, medium quality bitrate. This produced files with very acceptable resolution, 300kb for a 1 hour prog. I copied them across to the Fox T2, and on our 32" screen they were pretty much as good as SD recordings.

So if you want to watch ITV progs from ITV player this is one way that works.


BTW, is it utterly impossible on these forums to search on 3 letters?

Searching on ITV, BBC etc are surely common tasks?

If this option is adjustable, it would be really good to adjust it.
It is possible to search the hummy site using 3 Characters with google search e.g. ITV