ITV Player now available on Humax Freesat boxes


ITV Player now available on Humax Freesat boxes
We are pleased to announce that Freesat have launched an open beta service for ITV player on our Freesat PVR and Set Top Box (Foxsat-HDR & Foxsat-HD), If your unit is connected to the internet you can access this service either by pressing "Guide" on your remote control and selecting "On Demand" on the next screen, or directly by selecting channel 903. This service is currently exclusively available to Humax users.

I know I've posted this in the HDR-FOX T2 Forum... Does this mean we may see it soon ??
i rather think its going to take humax another 6 to 8 months to do anything more with the firmware on this model, my feeling is they are pulling their resources on a new model for release.
"pooling" man, "pooling".

I don't understand a need to change the firmware - isn't it a case of updating the portal server to link to ITV Player from the home page?

As far as firmware updates are concerned, I doubt any company can afford to keep supporting all its old kit when there are new products to produce and support (that's where the income is). Now we have the advertised functionality (catch-up TV, media server), I reckon we're on our own. All hail the BYTs!
I think ITV Player will "eventually" see the light of day as ITV will more than likely pay Humax to do it just like Sky will be doing.
At the end of the day, ITV want viewing figures to give to advertisers that pay their bills, the catchup service is just another avenue for them.
I read somewhere that ITV are going to start charging for some contect on ITV online - any else heard this?
Yeah, if you read their financial reports, they make mention of it.
Personally, I doubt a charging model would bring them much revenue as people expect their content to be free and so wouldnt pay.
I took it as they are experimenting with models as they dont know for certain which one will make them the most cash.
As an aside, how did you do "this"?

Other forums I use allow me to insert web links and retitle the hot link to display something informative, but for me the tools in the editor window are greyed out, and judging from other post my other members the same is true of them. So what did you do?

Great tip. It seems very easy (I have experimented!), and it think it makes post's more 'agreeable to the eye'. It seems easier than other forums I am a member of. Thanks, yet again.
The penny drops.... I have to go back and edit my posts (sigh).

In case anybody is still mystified, [I take it that] the web link tools in the post window are greyed out until you select a word/phrase, and my dumb-ass aged brain thought "okay, maybe they're not enabled by the forum administrator" rather than "perhaps they're context sensitive". This is why the hacking is best in the hands of the BYTs (all hail the BYTs).