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Had the T2 500Gb HDR for about 2 weeks now and am very pleased with it. Has replaced an ancient Sony HDD/DVD recorder which has just become so unreliable on many counts. Is set up via DNLA to broadband router and x2 Windows 7 PC's so can stream playable content ok. Have a Sony Bravia TV hooked up to it which has IPlayer built in but its so slow, the T2's IPlayer is much faster even though they are both connected to router via seperate ethernet cables. Heres hoping we get catch ups for the other main channels too!!

Messed about with an external usb hard drive trying to find how to save HD recordings off the T2 but then found out about the FTP method. What a bonus this is, can now copy stuff off and put it back later if required. Glad I didn't spend the extra £50 for the 1Tb box now!!

Hope to pick up as many tips and info as possible and hopefully contribute with my own experiences.
Hey look welcome to the club - I only got the box to record and then found out all the other stuff it can do - official and otherwise - there's so much groovy stuff you can do and for me being able to tell my "sky gimp" mates I can do most of what they pay Murdoch for at no extra cost make it all the sweeter!!! Welcome to the "in the know" club :)