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Large Differences between HD and SD Sound Levels

Peter H

The other day the box seemed to have reset itself and I had to do a retune (I am running custom S/W).
Before the retune I had a slightly lower level SD sound but now it seems a lot greater! The HD level for reasonable listening is about -22db and the SD is now -5db.
Unfortunately I need both so I can receive local West TV from a SD only repeater (main transmitter).
I tried setting it to stereo but no change.
FWIW I have a Yamaha receiver that feeds sound to speakers and sound is via HDMI.
Is there any way I can increase the SD sound level to the same as HD or lower the HD?

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
It's worth playing with the Settings >> Preferences >> Audio >> Digital Audio Output = Multi-channel or Stereo options together with the Humax Volume settings, one is affected by Humax Volume and the othet isn't


Staff member
Is there any way I can increase the SD sound level to the same as HD or lower the HD?
After a 'reset', the Humax sound level defaults to 10 so it may be worth checking to see if this needs to be increased.

Peter H

Hi, Thanks for the info your info enabled me to raise the SD level with Audio set to "Multi-channel".
My only excuse for not sorting it was that I use a "Harmony R/C" which does not have a button configured for volume!!
Used the Humax R/C and sorted it in a few minutes.
Thanks again