Large encrypted files being created?


Can't seem to find the answer to this in the forums so posting here in the hope that someone can help.

I am using auto-unprotect and also choosing decrypt in webif (right click and drop down menu at folder level).....I assume this is the only way to copy HD to PC without having to either copy first to USB or virtual drive i.e. copying twice

The files are fine and play OK on the PC but I noticed that my Videos folder (remaining space) was diminishing very quickly.....having investigated I found that a number of the folders (in webif) were showing a much larger size than the combined size of its visible I looked in the folder through windows FTP and saw that there were files with extension of .encrypted and were about the same size as the .ts file (very large!)......this was obviously making the folder up to 2 times bigger than it should be?

My question is can I delete these files and also, why are they created in the first place....and can I prevent it happening?

On a slightly different (but related) matter I thought that perhaps the idea of mounting a folder would perhaps be the best option for me i.e. just have a folder where I can copy all video files on the fly and from the machine but 2 things were preventing me ......1st I found the instructions a little difficult to follow (e.g. I created a new folder but do I then need to rename all the folders inside my newly created folder or just the IP and network.....and 2nd will this mounted folder only be visible on the network? I want to have my files on a laptop so I can take them with me when I travel so only having available them when I am connected to my home network doesn't really work for me

Any help/advice on the above would be (as always) very much appreciated
The .encrypted files should get deleted when the decrypted version is complete. However, if it is only recently this has been happening there has been some fiddling going on in this area - perhaps there is a bug.

Regarding transferring a HiDef recording (decrypted) to a PC, you are using an unnecessary step. You do not need to decrypt it first, it will be decrypted in the process of being downloaded (use the WebIF "download" button) as long as you have auto-unprotect running and the "Enc" flag is cleared from the target file (as displayed in the WebIF media browser).

For mounting a network share, what you do is nominate an existing folder on the PC as shared, and this means it is available on the network as well as the PC. See the Network Shares Automount topic for advice.
'Thank you' BH and Ezra Pound for the quick and helpful replies:

I will respond to each point separately....

The creation of the large encrypted files has only started happening recently (last few days) although I have only been using the decrypt option in webif recently too?

Attached is a PDF to illustrate......I assume it's safe to delete these as they are taking up a lot of space

The reason I am choosing to decrypt prior to copying (downloading) to PC is that when using the download option in WebIF I have to select the files I want 'one by one' and then choose to download 'one by one' (i.e. no multiple select option) whereas I may wish to download a whole folder with say 10 titles....this way I can simply copy the whole folder (using FTP) rather than 10 individual downloads. Maybe I have missed something?

My second attachment is a PrtSc showing my configuration for mounting a folder called BJD.....I have read the network Shares Automount Topic (several times) but I guess I have misunderstood something.

Again any/all advice is most welcome


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It's difficult dealing with unrelated subjects in the same conversation - I think it would be better to pursue the networking problem in the network shares thread. That way it will come to the attention of network experts.

Yes, the .encrypted files can be deleted once you are happy you have complete .ts files, they are left over by accident and there may be an issue for af123 to deal with. Regarding your method you must do whatever pleases you, but if you want to transfer batches of decrypted files by FTP I would either decrypt everything as soon as it is recorded by installing unencrypt, or designate a specific folder to FTP from and use the WebIF to mark the folder for Auto-decrypt - then any recordings you move into the folder will get decrypted automatically.
Thanks BH

I do have unencrypt installed and the ENC symbol is not present on any of my recordings......however (unless I'm mistaken) I still have to 'decrypt' prior to copying the file to my PC otherwise it will not play. I seem to recall that if I copied the whole folder (which had all the files present including the HMT file) then it was OK but if I just copied the .ts file then it wouldn't play

I will post the automount question in the specific thread as you suggest
I still have to 'decrypt' prior to copying the file to my PC otherwise it will not play.

Correct, If you want to FTP a group of files they must have the 'Green DEC' symbol. Just create a folder called something like 'My-FTP' and move anything you want to FTP into it, next mark the folder with Enable Auto-Decrypt in the OPT menu and wait until the files have the 'Green DEC' symbol before FTPing
I do have unencrypt installed and the ENC symbol is not present on any of my recordings......however (unless I'm mistaken) I still have to 'decrypt' prior to copying the file to my PC otherwise it will not play. I seem to recall that if I copied the whole folder (which had all the files present including the HMT file) then it was OK but if I just copied the .ts file then it wouldn't play

Are you sure you don't mean auto-unprotect rather than unencrypt? unencrypt would decrypt all your recordings without further intervention, and the WebIF would show them with the "Dec" icon. auto-unprotect clears the protection so that HiDef recordings can be decrypted on copy (or streamed) just like StDef (not necessary for StDef).

The reason for all this complication is because of the history of the development of these facilities, which is why the old hands understand it but the newbies don't.
I think there lies the problem BH......according to my list of 'installed' packages both auto-unprotect and unencrypt are showing as installed. Auto-unprotect is certainly working as the ENC flag is removed from all my titles (and I initially thought this was all that was required)....however, I now do not think that unencrypt is functioning as there has never been the green DEC symbol on any of my titles; that is not until I started using decrypt manually from WebIF and then they started to appear. I read all of the relative information again last night and the criteria is correct i.e. out of standby with media sharing turned on etc etc. but in some instances it talks about using Telnet to configure unencrypt? I have never figured out how to use Telnet although I have it installed and turned on.....should I have also used telnet after installing unencrypt?

Also, I did try to remove unencrypt (to reinstall it) but even though it greyed out initially it just appeared again when the page was refreshed?

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding
The rules for unencrypt are that the Humax must be out of stand-by between 1 and 6 am for it to work, this can be changed by editing the Cron job that controls it, but that is the default. It's worth looking up how each package works using the WiKi Notes
Two things: you need to run unencryptsetup in a Telnet session, and either the box needs to be left on overnight or the cron setting needs to be adjusted.

Information is in the Wiki or the relevant topic HERE (click). Information about Telnet is again on the Wiki or in Black Hole's Trail Guide (scroll down to Stage 3 and the footnote).
This thread seems to have switched from a query about auto-decrypt in the webif to discussion of the unencrypt package. This is understandable - it took me a while to realise that there were two different ways of automating the decryption of recordings before downloading to a PC by FTP. Can I go back to the original query?

Having recently bought an HDR and installed the custom firmware (the existence of which was a major reason for my choosing the HDR to replace an ageing Toppy) I have been using unencrypt with crontab edited so that it runs whenever the HDR is on. However, having read the discussion in another thread about the relative merits of the two methods I decided to give auto-decrypt a try instead. Once I had worked out that enabling auto-decrypt for the main 'My Video' folder does not appear to propogate down to the folders within it which need to be enabled separately it seemed to work fine until I noticed like BJD that the folders in 'My Video' were twice as large as expected. Examination of the directory structure by FTP revealed that as BJD found the original encrypted files were not being deleted. There would indeed appear to be a bug.

I have gone back to unencrypt but wanted to confirm that the original problem BJD reported is repeatable. I am running 1.02.29 with CF2.12
I have a folder set-up with auto-decrypt and can report that it does contain decrypted files and does not contain any .encrypted files, so it doesn't happen every time
Have you checked the folder via FTP? The original unencrypted files on my machine did not show up in the media view using either the remote or the webif. And they were not deleted when I deleted the decrypted files in the webif after FTPing them to my PC.

If you have and can confirm that there are no unencrypted files are you using 1.02.29 and CF2.12 or an earlier version of either? Black Hole suggested at post 2 above that recent changes might have introduced a bug.
I was using Telnet (which shows all files), the firmware version was 1.02.28 so not the latest version, however i think there is very little chance that the difference is between 1.02.28 an 1.02.29 as it only fixed the Internet radio, I think there must be another explanation
Black Hole suggested at post 2 above that recent changes might have introduced a bug.

To fill this out, we have been discussing the consequences of unencrypt or auto-decrypt being send a decrypted stream which terminates early for any reason - they would not know and presume the output was correct and complete, and therefore delete the original and keep the corrupt version. I don't know whether af123 has done anything to address the issue yet, but if he has it could explain what you are seeing (not had similar myself so far). It is certainly safer to keep the original version if there is any doubt about the decrypted version.
This is a fairly old thread by now, so apologies if it's been covered elsewhere since Sept. I've just started using decrypt via the Webif and now have both encrypted & unencrypted media files. The unencrypted files are in the _original folder as per the Wiki documentation. Perhaps auto_decrypt does the same? Fairly straightforwards to tidy up though in any case.
WebIF Auto-decrypt should not leave the original files lying around (except in the recycle bin if there is one). If it does there is a problem somewhere.

Bear in mind the automatic options don't run if there is less than 10% free disk space.
I just used the WebIF Decrypt function for the first time. I also found that it left the original encrypted file in the _original folder. I would expect it to delete this file & folder once the decryption had finished...