Late starts and early finishes to recordings


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It's not major, but quite frequently my Hummy starts a recording after the programme has started, so I miss the opening credits etc. And at the end of the programme it often cuts out before it should.

Is there a fix for this?

Many thanks,
Earl :geek:
My 9200 used to do this. Others deny it happens, but we know it does. The fix is that I bought an HDR Fox T2.
If you get it with AR, blame the broadcasters. If you get it with auto-padding, blame the broadcasters.
I do, I always blame the broadcasters, sometimes even for the content :)
I never trusted AR with my 9150 and always used to manually pad everything.

With the 2000T the auto-padding seems to work reasonably well, so far. I do have problems with unpadded AR.

I ALWAYS blame the broadcaster. I used to have problems with PDC and VCRs - a broadcaster problem. I had problems with a car radio and the RDS system - travel announcements not being turned off - a broadcaster problem. And don't get me started on aspect ratio problems - a broadcaster problem. I'd even go as far as to blame the broadcasters for the content!