Lengthy loading time for TV Portal


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I have recent bought an HDR Fox T2 box and enjoy both a good terrestrial and wired Broadband connections. I have yet to use the TV catch up feature as when pressing the TV Portal button it takes perhaps 1.5 minute before the Loading...... screen with the rotating triangle appears. How long should this process take, seconds, minutes or hours? I have at odd times viewed a greyed out screen of the feature and once had what I take to be a proper screen with various large icons. A message came up with a 6 figure number which was valid for 3 hours but what do you do with it? Although I've done a factory reset I did have a consistent message informing me that the terrestrial aerial was short circuited but that fact wasn't true as the TV works perfectly well on its own. The manual is useless on the matter of the TV Portal screen, so I'm looking for some guidance please. Phone calls and emails to Humax UK office go unanswered.
The TV portal front page is by no means instant, but it should appear within say 10-20 seconds. If, as you say, you have good broadband speeds, then may-be your router is causing the problem, something like a firewall or other blocking. The 6 digit number is a REG. code for you to use when opening an APP. account for your Humax, at present there is no point in doing this because the Humax needs a firmware up-date (not yet released) in order to add further APP. packages. Click on 'Family' for an explanation
App, short for applications (it's in capitals on the TV Portal).

The Humax TV Portal went through an overhaul recently (in my opinion for the worse), presumably to make way for user customisation through the use of installable apps but which do not appear to work on the HD- and HDR-FOX. While the portal is downloading in the first place it does briefly present as small icons, but when the download is complete the icons are large with five in a row filling the screen (not counting the left hand strip with "TV APPS", "Family", "REG. CODE", and "PRIVACY POLICY").

I have loaded it up on my HD-FOX this morning and it took maybe 5 seconds to appear. It can be very slow at times, and sometimes it is dead at the Humax end, all I can suggest is keep trying it over a few days and if there is no improvement suspect that you have a network problem.

When the portal does come up, don't bother with "Family" or "REG. CODE", just go straight to the app you want.
The Custom Firmware >> Xtra1 TV portal works as long as you don't select the original Humax portal e.g.

Xtra1 >> RED >> 1) Original Humax Portal = Fails : Constantly spinning triangle (Loading)
Xtra1 >> RED >>2) BBC Iplayer = Works correctly
Xtra1 >> RED >>3) Internet radio = Works correctly
Xtra1 >> RED >>4) WIKI@ TV = Works correctly
Xtra1 >> RED >>5) flickr = Works correctly
Xtra1 >> RED >>6) YouTube = Works correctly
Thank you for all your suggestions. In the end I found that my router had faulty ports but the one I normally use was OK. So, new router and I was able to exchange the HDR Fox T2 box at Richer Sounds for the Youview version, paying a little extra of course. Now everything works perfectly, so thank you all.