Linking HDR Fox T2 to DVD recorder

I was a bit surprised to find that the HDR Fox T2 only has the one HDMI socket.

I have linked it to my DVD recorder (which also only has a single HDMI out) via SCART. The loss in quality will presumably be inconsequential.

Other than the fact that the custom firmware for the Humax makes a DVD recorder unnecessary, does anyone have any comments on my link up?



Hmm - that's a point. According to the recorder manual, aspect ratio is automatically transferred if the recording is made in VR mode (this is a Sony).

I shall experiment!


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Assuming the DVDR can record RGB use a fully wired scart cable and record RGB, any quality loss will be minimal. You may have problems using a switch on the output, I had to use a seperate hdmi in on my amp as using a switch had some odd effects on my HD FOX T2 analogue outputs (For some combinations when not viewing the HD FOX by hdmi knocks out the analogue outputs). I didn't pursue it futher as using a spare hdmi in on the amp fixed it.