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List of things you can and can't do with the HD-FOX T2 and content sharing?

This is probably a dumb question - and therefore worth asking!

I assume plugging an external Blu-ray drive into the HD-FOX T2 will not work not least because such a device will require software support. I also assume it's not possible to install such software. Ok, that's a just a statement of assumptions, not a question, but I'd be grateful for confirmation or refutation.

I think I need to get a DVD drive and I'm thinking that I could spend the extra for Blu-ray, then plug in to various machines as needed, but life isn't usually so simple! ;-)
Not sure why you ask this, you can't plug a Blu-ray player, a DVD player or CD player into a pvr. A pvr is designed to record live content from a broadcast stream. Some will play back other content recorded to a hard disk. This can be either a usb device locally connected or on a resource connected to your own network. The only inputs they can have is a USB port or a network port, other than an aerial or satellite connection.

Black Hole

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As far as an HDMI connection goes, you're right - but it would be possible to connect an external USB drive (typically available for PC use). It wouldn't work though!