Live pause/rewind problem

Hi, I've had my HDR fox t2 for a few days and have been experiencing a problem with live pause and rewind.

When I try to rewind a program I've been watching live it will skip back to a random point earlier in the program. Then when I fast forward it, it will skip straight back to live broadcast. In effect it had been recording the channel to a point, but then has stopped - missing out a period of broadcast.
This manifests itself also when pausing - it will pause at the point where it randomly stopped recording, and won't record anything after that. Pressing play at that point will skip straight back to live broadcast.

Has anyone else experienced this, or could It be a hardware problem?

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This does not sound good, although it is also my experience that it is possible for the skip forward button to land you back at the live broadcast when it should have moved forward 2 minutes.

First check you are using the same procedure as me when using the live buffer, so you can compare results. Be clear about the buttons (in two rows): play, pause, stop; rewind, fast forward, skip back, skip forward; then the cursor pad left and right.

The first thing to do is bring up the timeline by pressing play, pause, or skip back. With the timeline displayed, the left and right cursor buttons step the play point through the timeline, or zoom if held down. Once in timeshift, rewind, FF, and skip work as expected (though as noted the skip forward has a tendency to return to live). Stop returns to live.


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Just an update, switched the box back on this morning and it came up with a message something like "the HDD must be formatted before recording" and no playback or recording functions were available. Since I had very little recorded, and no other option after a couple of resets I formatted the HDD, and so far no problems with playback. I will be keeping a close eye on it though.