Locate.TV is closing down - recommend an alternative?

Dave F.


The online TV scheduler/tracker is closing down (Just after I start using it!).


Do you have any recommendations for a replacement?

My Requirements:
UK schedule
Search for previous & future announced shows
Windows PC compatible. (Browser preferred)
Email notification.

Dave F.
Are you a HDR-FOX or HD-FOX user - have you tried the RS? It can set up a perpetual search on the EPG and email you when it finds anything in the EPG that matches your search term - and even automatically schedule a recording.
Thanks for the reply. I finally found some spare time to look into this.

I've ran into a couple of problems:

Remote Schedule v1.4.5 is installed
Running it on a Windows 7 PC/Firefox browser with a wired connection to the humax via my hub.

From the wiki:
"the Home Screen which, to begin with, will show you the existing schedule details from your Hummy."

It doesn't display my existing schedule or EPG details (webif is showing these as per usual)
Clicked on 'Home' & got this message:
"Your device has not yet uploaded initial data."

Click on the pie chart:
"Your Humax has not yet successfully uploaded a list of recordings.
Ensure that you are running the latest version of the rs package on your device. "

The unit is recording ATM, but that shouldn't make any difference, should it?

Hummy remote schedule 1.JPG Hummy remote schedule 1.JPG
Patience! Or you could try one of these diagnostics as per the wiki:
  • rs/chanpush = Initiates an instant send of channel information to Remote Scheduling server
  • rs/checkin = force a Remote Schedule update with :- /mod/sbin/rs_process now
  • rs/diskpush = Initiates an instant send of 'Full' HDD inventory to Remote Scheduling server
  • rs/muxdump = runs /mod/bin/rs epg to send Network / Channel information to RS Server
  • rs/push = sends TBL_RESERVATION schedule and pending schedule data to RS Server
  • rs/sync = clear the local state cache and synchronise everything
The unit is recording ATM, but that shouldn't make any difference, should it?
This may not be the problem with the the Remote Scheduler, but your screen image shows that your Humax is tuned to Multiple Regions, this may mean your Humax has channels above 799, this is not recommended as it can stop Accurate Recording from working correctly. I would suggest that you decide which channels you actually require and delete any duplicates