Log Files Maintenance


Hi all

I have searched but can't find anything about log files maintenance.

Do I need to use 'clear' from time to time or do the files overwrite when they get to a certain size?

Also, can I set the file size?

Thanks for your help.
I think it depends on which log file you are referring to, I think some are periodically truncated, others, e.g. the redring.log just keeps growing. I don't think it is currently possible to set the file trigger size before auto truncation of any of the log files
Thanks for your reply Ezra Pound.

Redring.log I understand but maybe a file size limit then overwrite would be good.

Other logs, maybe file size limit then overwrite and/or default 30 days, with choice of up to 30 days, would be good.

Just a suggestion and all IMO.

What do other members think about this?
It does bother me to have files that could grow indefinitely.

How about having a file size limit (1Mb?) and when reached, rename the file to whatever.log.previous
That way you have a fixed size limit but you don't have to trim files to keep some history.