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Log rollover - is there a problem


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@af123 Is there a problem with log roll over processing?

The last entry to my auto.log was a 15:35 and I would expect entries every minute from scan and deq even if there was nothing else to do but I can see that files are being decrypted and moved by sweeper so processing is happening normally but no logging is occurring.

At the time the log size was 105.75 KiB - very close to my rollover value of 100kb, I did have the log file open on the PC at the time because I was checking some of my changes so it could have shown as 'in use'.
I closed my file view but nothing happened, I then manually renamed auto.log and a new auto.log was created (length 0) but nothing was written

Them suddenly, as I was writing this post, auto logging resumed at 16:54 halfway through a scan run - about an 80 min gap. Humax was fully on and recording during the gap

What could prevent logging from working?
Logging is pretty simple, Open file, Put message, flush buffer

I have noticed other holes in log files when I haven't had the file open at the time - i have looked for specific events but there have been no records for the time range