Loss of HD Channels


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Having major problems with HD channels at the moment, SD channels are fine, and the HD reception on my TV is fine, but on the Hummy, they are sometimes OK for a while but become increasingly pixelated and unwatchable with sound dropping in and out. I have tried a retune with no effect
Does anyone have any ideas?
Tried the Manual tuning advice and now have an improved picture but still some pixelation occasionally. Signal strength for the HD Channel is 54% and quality 100%
Don't just accept a brief snapshot of the signal strength and quality, use the signal detection page and watch the meters for your HiDef mux for a few minutes, see if the quality in particular suffers dips.

Menu >> Settings >> System >> Signal Detection >> OK
the Ariel doesn't fit properly... does it all the time on mine... by some magic it affects HD and not SD channels...

the female part of the middle pin is too big on the humax, its almost as if there's a metric aerial socket and an imperial one, get it wrong the middle doesn't connect properly... I've had 3 boxes they all have this same issue

sounds like absolute rubbish.... I expect u will discover through trial and error I'm right