Lost access via Xubuntu Filemanager to both boxes using smb.


I have not changed the setup for many months nor have I used ubuntu file manager to access my two humax boxes for a similar time. However today I find the Filemanager method which I found convenient, has stopped.

The boxes are seen on the Network by ubuntu in 'smb://workgroup/' but return an error, " Failed to retrieve share list from server: Connection timed out." I find it strange that this has happened to both boxes.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
makem@ssdTOSH:~$ smbd -V
Version 4.3.11-Ubuntu

That appears to be the version I am running. I don't know how to find the version used in CF.

EDIT: The wiki notes say to edit smb.conf: /mod/etc/smb.conf but the smb.con is at: /mnt/hd2/mod/etc/smb.conf is it not?

I have never changed from 'WINDOWS' but when I match it with my setting, 'HOME' I just get the box showing in both WINDOWS and HOME.
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I have normal access to one box now having edited both smb.conf's to make sure that 'HOME' is chosen in both. I never had to do that in the past, leaving both to WORGROUP.

However, I still cannot access the other box even though I have made side by side comparisons of all settings. Whether changing the conf's allowed this or not I don't know. It may be that several re-boots, like windows does, caused it to work for one and not the other. But I don't use windows!