lost all BBC channels on 9200


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Hi all i have a 9200t and since last night i have lost all the BBC channels. i get all the info bar telling me what is on but no picure or sound this is affecting all the BBC channels and i get no or bad signal on them all. All other channels are fine.
Im in South Nottinghamshire on the Emerly moor transmitter
Have you done a rescan? Today is a digital-switchover event at Elmley Moor so lots of things have moved around.
Assume you've done a default settings, which prompts an Auto Channel scan?
Do you have any channels numbered 800+?

Looks like you may have a weak signal during the switch over period, although not on the BBC!?

Apparently, the Sutton Coldfield signal will be boosted on 21 Sept, more details here:

Did another rescan this evening and got the BBC channels but then lost the ITV channels so scanned again and got the ITV and lost BBC scanned again and got BBC and again lost ITV it seems i cant have the BBC when ITV is working and vice versa. Very confusing and starting to tick me off.
And also im on the Emley moor transmitter and not the sutton colefield
It sounds to me as though you need to do a manual scan. The following instructions are courtesy of Big-les over on Digital Spy:

The reason for doing a Manual Search is to target the six (five after DSO) multiplexes coming only from your preferred transmitter. The UHF channel numbers for your six/five multiplexes (digital channels) from your preferred transmitter can be obtained from the digitaluk web-site, enter your post code and also tick the "I am in the aerial installation trade" box. Your UHF channel numbers are in the grey columns in the Coverage prediction section. The compass bearing for the available transmitters at your address are also shown on the page so you can check to see which transmitter your aerial is actually pointing at. You should only use the transmitter that your aerial is pointing at.

First you need to delete all existing channels.
Menu > Edit Channels > Edit Channel Lists > Password (0000) and delete all channels, note there is a Select All button. If you were on a TV channel before going into the menu then TV channels will be listed first, delete them all. Go to Group, select Radio and delete all the radio channels. Press Exit on the remote control and when invited save all the changes.

You will now get a message saying No channels are available……, press OK. You should now be taken to the Installation menu, choose Manual Search. Select the first UHF channel number obtained from the digitaluk web-site for Channel (actually the order doesn’t matter) and press Search. When the search completes, Save. Select the next UHF channel number for Channel and press Search.....Save. Repeat this for all six/five UHF channel numbers and to finish press the Exit button. You will now find all your Freeview channels on their correct channel numbers, good luck.