lost HD since 1.02.28 OTA


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I too made the mistake of not disabling OTA updates, and since the update to 1.02.28 the output to my Panasonic TX-P42G20B TV has changed from its high def 1028 glory down to a non-HD 576 resolution.
Eg. BBC HD and other HD channels, shows in the info panel of FoxT2 that its 1028, but the picture looks terrible and the TV now reports the FoxT2 is sending 576i.

I'm not sure when it stopped sending HD to the TV, but its very noticeable difference, so I'm guessing its when the box decided to 'upgrade' to 1.02.28.

Anyone else had this lost of HD ? Any suggestions on how to correct it?
Try pressing the V-FORMAT button on the remote until it is back to how you want it.