Lost Signal


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Hi i've suddenly started having problems with my HDR Fox T2 box. The box is on and displaying the current channel but the tv is saying no signal received . The remote is non responsive so I have to switch off the box at the socket. Any one else had this. Thanks
Are you sure the 'lost signal' message is comming from the Humax? It could be comming from the TV. If you remove the HDMI cable from the TV input, do you get the same 'lost signal' message?
The built in freeview is ok but when i change the mode to hdmi , on this occassion it came up with no signal being received , as if the tv is on but the box switched off and the remote did nothing.
This is sounding similar to a report on this forum about a faulty TV input, what make of TV do you have?
On another topic, is it possible to change the output on the Hummy 1080p , 1080i etc. My Samsung is only HD ready but watching BBc1 HD for example the picture struggles to keep up ang can get blurry particularly watching football for example
Yes the V-Format button on the remote can select between 1080P, 1080i, 720p and 576i. I would guess your TV is 1380 x 720 so 720p would be the one to go for
Thankyou. Is there a particular tv you suggest to get the full benefits of High definition , you mention in other feeds
As the Humax (and every other terrestrial STB) has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 any TV set that has this as their native resolution will do the job, there is some debate about how big the screen should be to make 1920 x 1080 worth while, but I would say 32" or bigger would be fine