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Lower flashing line/scart av 'feature'



Picked an HDR yesterday after our toppy died.

All fine, but for two curious features:
a) on some content - notable yesterday's Primeval, or anything with larger brightness changes - get a flashing line at the bottom of the media o/p - a bit like the level at front (lh) end of the line on one interlace as being held for the rest of the line, so contrasts with the rest of the image around it.

b) video o/p format select is set to auto. Changing channels yesterday - fine, today - brief flash back to no o/p as if its dropping o/p to scart whilst it swaps format. Setting it explicitly to 16:9 letterbox and it disappears. It could be the content, but I'm puzzled I didn't come across it yesterday.

I'm using it with an SD crt telly, haven't tried it with an lcd yet.

At all familiar to anyone ?