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I thought that I would initiate a long disk check on one of my HDRs. Just as a routine check as the HDD is quite old, not for any other reason. No reallocated sectors etc.

Having started the disk check, I was warned that it will take some considerable time, 230 minutes or so. That wasn't and still isn't an issue. However, I am unsure as to how I will know that the check has finished. Apart from using the original estimate as guidance.

When I use the 'Check' option on the Maintenance Menu, it doesn't give me any indication of progress at all.

How will I actually know when the check has finished and that it is safe to leave Maintenance Mode?



I have used the Check command again and it does now say words to the effect of 'Extended test completed, no errors'.

It's a pity it doesn't give an actual progress report.
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It should.. maybe it doesn't understand the output that your disk firmware provides.

Please select option: long

Testing has begun.
Please wait 508 minutes for test to complete.
Test will complete after Mon Feb 13 01:32:04 2017

Please select option: check

# 1  Extended offline    Self-test routine in progress 90%      3589         -

That 90% is the remaining percentage.


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I did get the initial estimate as per your first Code box, however, the Check command did not show any progress, only the final completion.