Maintenance of HDR T2

Out of interest, what attributes do any of you check on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of the box. I check things like hard disk temp and run a general diagnostic, I look at the smart data but I'm not sure what attributes are worth keeping an eye on. Does anyone have a routine that you carry out which you would like to share?


As far as hard disk drive health goes, Web-If >> Diagnostics >> Hard Disk >> Attributes >> ID's 5, 197 and 198 are the "Potential indicators of imminent electromechanical failure" (more info. HERE). Also ID 194 'Worst' being lower than 60 Deg. C proves the fan is working correctly
Power it off at the back every month or so (while it's in full standby). Run a fix-disk from maintenance mode every month or two.
No need to watch the disk attributes generally. The web interface will alert you if the key attributes change.