Major retune ? - a piece of cake...


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Yes, it was a non-event for the Humax.
CBeebies now on 202 instead of 121 with no action by me


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Yes I know, I should have bought a FOX-T2 and used CF... but I didn't. I can assure you it was a serious event for us poor sods with an HDR-2000T. :mad:
And it still is, with all the pop ups telling you to retune. I have retuned! :mad::mad:

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Plus, the favourites on a Harmony remote now being wrong because if Logitech change the numbers of channels, half their users will complain and if they don't, the other half will.

The ostriches among us don't see the consequences of these changes. It worked for me! Well bully for you!


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As this forum is specifically for HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware I wanted to express my thanks for the straightforward retuning of this specific device. I also had consequences on other bits of kit so fully realise the impact the retune has caused. If only my 'other bits of kit' had this sort of customisation...


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Loved the none event of a retune - great work guys

I'm still getting the message reminding that a retune is needed when I turn on to BBC1 is there a setting to remove?

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I don't think there's anything you can do about that, except keep acknowledging it until it goes away.

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I too commend the team for their efforts, don't get me wrong. My argument is with the eejits who think these channel changes are a good thing. If they moved their junk channels out of the main list, like Freesat does, they would not have to do this.