Making MP3s Accessible on the Video Media List

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Any audio media (MP3, and presumably other audio formats), in order to be playable on the HD/HDR-FOX, have to be stored in My Music*, and accessed via the Media button using Media >> Media (yellow) >> Music. This is something of a pain, not least because the live broadcast that normally continues in the background of the video media list ceases as soon as one selects music.

It is also inconvenient for the less technically minded brethren to not find an MP3 one might have copied onto the 'Fox with all the other recordings, especially those recorded from radio services (which, obtusely, are video recordings). The hassle of having to explain it (and explain again) ain't worth it.

Before copying the MP3 to the 'Fox, rename it so the file extension is .mp4 instead of .mp3. This simple expedient causes the 'Fox to treat the file as video, making it findable while video media is selected (the default), and copyable to My Video (and folders therein). And it plays (with a black screen). In the media list, after the first play it will acquire a broken AVI thumbnail, but that is of no consequence.

If the file is already on the 'Fox, without the custom firmware (CF) probably the easiest way to move it to My Video and rename it is to use FTP. The CF is not currently able to change .mp3 to .mp4, but the file browser can move files around at will.

MP3 files may also originate from the CF by audio extraction from a recording. These appear in the same folder as the original, and are invisible to the Humax standard user interface (SUI). Again, using FTP (or the Linux command line via Telnet or webshell) to rename these to .mp4 makes them visible and usable.

* The HD-FOX does not segregate between My Video and My Music, but .mp3 files are nonetheless invisible when the Media browser is in video mode.