Many Thanks -

Ray Eaves

New Member
Hi Over the past few months I've been attempting to 'study' the Hdr T2 and your Custom Sosftware, I'm very pleased to say a Big Thank You to your developers who have made the Hummy so much 'more' the a straighht Humax box.
Samba was the bit that was missing for me, and after putting that in and 'mapping' the drives of the T2's all became clear and Very 'workable'..
Can't thank you guys enough.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
Hi Ray, Welcome to the HDR Fox T2 Custom Firmware User group, I wouldn't really call myself a developer (although I did supply the majority of the Screensavers), I look after the WiKi in an attempt to document other people's packages, anyway - Welcome aboard - Ezra