Marvel's Agents of Shield - final two-parter


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hi all, any watchers of AoS here?

[poss. spoiler for anyone who's not yet seen SOS Parts One/Two]

Unless I'm going mad, I seem to have missed something...

I thought I watched all of the first part of the last episode (SOS Part One), last week (Fri 5th).

This weekend, I settle down to watch the second & final part (SOS Part Two), that I recorded Fri 12th.

Watching the recap, I see lots of stuff that I don't recall seeing in the episode before. Thought I must have missed an episode, but looking at online Synopses suggests that SOS Part One had more in it than I remember seeing.

In particular, I remember it ending with a shot of Cal (Skye's Dad) doing a wolfman-type reveal over the edge of the bed. Yet in the recap (beginning of Part Two), I see Coulson pinning him against the wall with a car, which I didn't see.

I didn't watch any more of Part Two, thinking I'd missed an ep somewhere.

Ch4 online ("4 Everywhere") only has Part Two (Fri 12th), so I can't check what was really at the end of Part One.

Am I going mad?

Did anyone else spot this, or is it me? Or have I really missed something?

thanks much indeed...
I have just recovered part 1 from my recycle bin.
The reveal that you mention is immediately before the final averts (i.e. 3/4 of the way through the programme).
It sound like you have missed the entire final quarter, which does finish with him being pinned.
Admittedly, I recorded the +1, but it seems unlikely that they missed that much out of the +0!
I do have a recollection of thinking I'd missed an episode and even going back to the media list to check the episode numbers.. don't remember the detail though unfortunately.
I still have both parts recorded from the C4 HD but as the question may have been answered I won't check details unless specifically requested. (With these end of season double episodes I tend to wait until I have the second half safely stored and then watch them back to back.)

Cal certainly was pinned with a car for a while so Coulson could have a chat with him, but I can't remember if that was end of pt1 or start of pt2.
Also bear in mind the recaps often pull stuff from much earlier episodes as well, so some of what you saw in that may not have been from pt1 anyway.
Thanks all that's immensely helpful.

so, it seems clear that I missed the last 8 mins of Part 1; arse!

I was sure that the wolfman-bed reveal was the end, as I thought it came after the AoS logo bit, that normally indicates the special "end of prog" extra bit. So either the version of Part 1 I recorded was truncated at broadcast (as af123's comment might suggest), or my recording was truncated, or I just stupidly pressed stop/delete without realising it wasn't at the end.

My disk is sufficiently full that it had gone from the DeletedFiles by the time I realised something was awry, a week later.

Can't seem to see Part 1 available online, so will have to go ahead with Part 2 anyway. Annoying.

thanks again to all, very helpful.
My activity log shows a 56m recording, which is normal, so looks like it wasn't a truncated recording. Truncated brain perhaps :)
hah! the excellent TV Diary appears to keep old info, and clearly tells me that although a 56m AoS was recorded at 8.04pm on Fri 5th, when I watched it later at 1.35am, I only watched 33 minutes of it.

What an excellent pkg that is. And what a numpty I am.

thanks again...
hah! the excellent TV Diary appears to keep old info, and clearly tells me that although a 56m AoS was recorded at 8.04pm on Fri 5th, when I watched it later at 1.35am, I only watched 33 minutes of it.
If you skipped the adverts then a shorter watching time is to be expected - TV Diary usually says 56m recording, 43m watching for AoS for me. 33m is a bit short though!
Thanks; yes indeed, that was it.

I found that google play movies has AoS, at £1.89 an episode for SD. Bit of a waste of money for 8 minutes of missed telly, but still. So I watched that, then the final episode, last night. Followed by Humans, just for fun...

anyway, thanks again to all who responded.