Massive sound variation


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I installed a new 1100S 1Tb box last week. The sound difference between HD and SD is so different as to be hurtful to my ears. It's so bad that the sound range on the box is not able to control the high levels, and I have to use the tv controller to either raise or lower the sound. It's at it's loudest on HD. I have to swap from one to the other, as my regional BBC news is still transmitting on SD (even though the national news in HD comes from the same building). Any solutions please?
On the Humax box.

Settings - Picture and Sound - Digital Audio Out change multi-channel to stereo. Turn down your TV volume. Using the Humax remote turn up the box volume to near max. Adjust the TV volume to a suitable level on SD, check HD channel is similar.
Graham- your tip worked perfectly- no frightening the dog or the neighbours when we change channels now. Thank you very much. Norman