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Just for the record, I was about to play an existing recording at the top of the list (the sub-menu was on screen including the "Resume Play" option), when a new recording started and the new file displaced my target file from the top of the list. The options for the new recording replaced those for the recording I had selected, and as I was in the process of OKing "Resume Play" it instead started chase-playing the new recording.

This is not going to happen very often, it's not a major problem, but I think we can class it as a bug.
This is a feature that has been present with all firmware versions that I have used, and happens quite regularly to me. It can also happen when you are about to delete a recording, and you end up deleting the wrong recording. Thankfully if you are running undelete, it is easy to retrieve the recording from your dustbin.
OK, I underestimated it. Certainly it's a problem if you are about to delete the target file and it switches the target! I guess this can happen even after you click "YES", and not just at the top of the recordings list (I presume all the recordings get shifted down one place when a new one arrives at the top). I suppose you would not actually be allowed to delete a recording in progress?

As Brian says, either be very, very careful when deleting that there are no recordings imminent, or have the custom firmware undelete package running as a safety net.

As a work-around, one could create a "delete pending" folder, and instead of deleting from the My Video folder move the target into the delete folder. If the wrong file got moved it can be put back again with no harm done, or if the right file was moved then delete it from there (no danger of a new recording interrupting that).

I think this qualifies as a new item in Things Every...!
Better work-around: select the recording to be deleted (using the red button) first, rather than deleting directly. I just tested it, and both the selection and the OPT+ menu disappear when the new recording pops up