Media clean up with undelete


Hi Guys,
After some advice, as usual :rolleyes:

Getting my hummy fresh and have ended up deleting some large series which we never got into.

As a result my [Deleted Items] folder is 135GB (it was 146GB last night).

If I understand correct the box starts to clear the [Deleted Items] when it first comes on each day. I have a scheduled wake / sleep (via RS) at 5:00 - 5:30 so I guess it is not having time to get through the lot in one day.

I have tried to set up a new earlier and longer wake up sleep via RS but it wont let me set up a long wake up sleep period (the wake and sleep periods are linked in the web page somehow).

So... to clear the backlog can I delete from [Deleted Items] or will it just go back anyway or should I uninstall undelete first? Or something else which you guys know works.

It doesn't help that I am decrypting some large films for storage elsewhere so I keep adding _original files!

For info my current stats:
Used: 661 (77%)
Free: 199 (23%)

You can configure when you want the 'bin' to be emptied via the Web-If settings page, at the bottom IIRC. The default is 7 days I believe. It has nothing to do with how many wake/sleep cycles the box goes through.

Of course, you can empty it manually at any time either directly on the Hummy or via the Web-If.
Guess something is amiss then with my box, I have it set for 1 day in configuration and its been around 160GB to 135GB for quite a few days now. It only reduces very slightly each day.

I can do a manual clear of the bulk if that is supported - thanks.
Undelete is a safety net. If you set to one day then files will disappear sometime next day.
I am not 100% sure of this because I tend to be a bit OCD and manually clear out all files at the same time .

I think that the files in the bin will be deleted 'last in, last out' based on the date they were deleted. For example if you set the bin to 'empty' after 7 days (default), the bin will not completely empty of all files, simply those that have been in the bin for the last 7 days. From this, you can see that it is entirely possible to have a recycle bin that is never really 100% empty. I notice this especially if you have auto-shrink enabled.

Edit: Cross post with 4291. A safety net is a good description.
Just seen your latest post. I think the timescale is in multiples of 24 hours from when you delete files to the Bin. So it will clear gradually.

Cross post with Wallace. :)
I don't have auto-shrink enabled.

I appreciate it would normally not ever be empty but would expect everything deleted for more that 2 days to have gone.

Most of the items have been deleted for days now, it does get rid of a few items each day (around 9GB) but its not clearing them by any means.

Manually removing the bulk now and I will see if it behaves with a more manageable load.
It's safe to delete files directly from the bin via the on-screen controls or via webif. It won't get into a loop and just put them back into the bin again.
Thanks guys, the bin is down to 2.7GiB now after some manual deletions. Most of the original items in the bin were of large series folders with 40+GiB - the process seemed to slowly chip away at the folders each day. Given it a fighting chance now so I will keep an eye on it :)
It won't get into a loop and just put them back into the bin again.

Thanks I see some dodgy coding at work, not everyone looks further than there nose. Memorable one was to find the date from a year ago by taking today's date and subtracting one from the year. Not so good on 29th Feb...