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Good afternoon all.

Firstly, I'd like to say how impressed I am by all the work done in creating the Custom Firmware. It really is a most professional job.

On to my query. One of the HDR's more irritating features, for me at least, is the way that the media listing is ordered.

Under Media >> Opt+ >> Sort there are 3 options available -
1. by time - reverse date/time order, ie. the newest first
2. alphabetically - A-Z order
3. by channel - in reverse LCN order, ie. the highest LCN first

While I realise that it is unlikely that the Custom Firmware could increase the number of options, I was wondering if it might be possible to change the way the existing ones work.

What would be ideal is -
1. by time - in correct date/time order, ie. the oldest first
2. alphabetically - A-Z order, ie. unchanged
3. by channel - in correct LCN order, ie. the lowest LCN first

As other applications (eg. Undelete, Sweeper, Flatten) seem to be able to manipulate the media listing, I don't think that the above suggestion is completely unrealistic.

I've come across a couple of threads on the forum that briefly discuss this, but don't seem too encouraging (sorry, can't give the full URL) -

However they are a year old now, so perhaps things have changed in the meantime - the developers' expertise will certainly have increased, for example.

Looking forward to your comments. I'm new to the HDR and the Custom Firmware, so please be gentle.
Why does practically every new poster say "please be gentle" - do we bite or something??

The short answer is no. I can't say I was even aware of the LCN sort order. Having the recordings in order of newest first isn't a tragedy, using the up cursor from the top of the list rolls around to the bottom of the list. If you want your non-series recordings uncluttered with series folders, have sweeper relocate them to their own folder that is named to put it either at the top ("AAA") or the bottom ("[zzz").