Media, Storage, visibility of Synology NAS

Darren Jackson

New Member
Humax HDR-2000T version 1.01.13

Press "Media" and "Storage". The network interface (LAN) doesn't seem to be "alive" at this point as it doesn't see my Synology NAS DS414 device running Media Server (latest DSM and Media Server versions). However, if I go in/out of TV Portal or in/apply/out of Internet Settings then repeat the "Media" and "Storage" the Synology NAS appears.

My Samsung TV seems the Synology NAS straight away; it's also on a LAN cable connection.

The Synology NAS is on 24x7 with just the HDDs hibernating if not accessed.

Anyone else with experience of their Humax box not recognising their Synology NAS until the network settings/activity is "poked" when other devices see the NAS OK? As it turns out the Humax box support for photos and video is so poorly implemented that I will probably not bother using these features now. The Samsung implementation, whilst not perfect, is a lot better and more reliable.
When I first got my 2000T I had exactly the same problem. I haven't bothered looking to see if firmware updates have solved it - I guess probably not. I simply use my Sony Brava instead.
Yes, it's the same on the 1800t, and nothing to do with the choice of NAS. After the 1800t starts up, it joins the network, gets an IP address, can be pinged, can be accessed by FTP and can be seen on other devices as a functional streamer. So it's not an obvious network issue of any sort, but under Media / Storage the 1800t can't see any network devices until you have gone through the rigmarole that Darren describes.

I'm getting fed up waiting for a fix, and have been surprised at how few complaints there have been too. A lot of people online appear to have simply assumed it's a DHCP issue, set up a manual IP address and moved on. But that absolutely doesn't solve it. I'm also now starting to lose interest in the feature, which is a shame. I have a Sony Blu-Ray Player that can do it better, but has been a disappointment in other ways, and I had hoped to be able to simplify things by getting rid of the Sony.