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I see the membership is creeping up but do we know the average age?

Looking down the members list I noted that the youngest is 17 and the oldest is 111? And I only got down to the Ks. There where several in their mid-seventies.

Not everybody chooses to disclose their age but I thought it was a condition that the correct birthdate needed to be entered on registration. Gender and age can be disabled after all.

Does the database, that holds the records of members, give out statistics other than the total?
With 800+ members it's too big a job to do manually. I am not volunteering!!
I see the membership is creeping up but do we know the average age?

Looking down the members list I noted that the youngest is 17 and the oldest is 111?
I'd take 111 with a pinch of salt.

The drop down menu starts at 1900. Someone like Bill Comptom of Bon Temps, Louisiana, would have to select 1900 instead of 1840.
That was the point of the question mark after 111. Some people are not playing the game!

March 13th 1835.
I see that you hide your age. I hid mine when I registered, as a subterfuge but I think my cover is blown, and I don't seem to be able to reverse my decision.
How much cover do you think I blew?? I hide everything on all my forums as a matter of policy (anything I do reveal is either by accident or because it is specifically relevant). Somebody who actually picks their way through these threads and discovers the anonymous you have some kind of familial relationship with the anonymous me is going to get where exactly? That's if they pick their way through the threads at all (let's face it - despite all the information we make available, we still get basic questions because people can't be bothered to read the headlines even).

I may have been honest about my DoB when I signed up (can't remember), but it's one of the things I don't consider relevant and therefore don't make public as a matter of policy. I think the reason it is asked at the outset might be to do with child protection (but savvy minors generally lie about such things in any case). Of course, if you needed to go through password recovery and you were asked to confirm your DoB and you couldn't remember what you put...

'Course, if you want to go under cover again, you could re-register as another user (but use a different email address when signing up).
Is this relevent ? What use is this information to any other Humax owner ?
I thought the Hummy Arms was a free-for-all! Doesn't have to be relevant.

As it happens I think it is relevant to forum users (particularly newcomers) in general - discussion of the ins and outs of maintaining privacy on-line.
Hi, Personally I don't think any forum or non financial site should ask for a persons actual date of birth. It is a vital part of a persons identity and should remain secure and confidential, especially with id theft being so common and on the rise. A simple year of birth would be sufficient to indicate if the member is young or old.
These kind of questions really make me grumpy and I sometimes just cancel my progress in whatever it is I am trying to join. To me, alarm bells ring as soon as I see the question "whis is your date of birth?
From one grumpy old man to another. ;)

If you are that nervous about revealing your birthdate just enter Jan 1st. Your age would then increase in common with thoroughbred racehorses. It would make no difference to the average age as long as the correct year was entered.

I have just had an afterthought. What if your birthday is Jan 1st...

Is the demographic profile of this forum being used by anybody? I doubt it.

Also you could use a throwaway email address.
The Members count is fast approaching 2k (hmm...), not sure if that includes banned spam posters (I don't think it does - the member index is now 2340!).

Out of 299 users on-line a few minutes ago, only 4 were listed as members, and I was the only one named! I guess we must be pretty highly ranked to gt all this (some of it unwanted) attention.