Missed Recording.


Have been reading up on posts/threads on Tuning/Watching from other broadcasters..ie: Saorview/Freeview.
I had a film set to record last night on RTE..(this was set from EPG).I know that I need to have Humax on the 800,s to view the EPG..
I,m getting the message that Programme couldn,t be tracked so didn,t record.
This has happened before but I have put it down to other recordings,on Freeview taking precedence over Saorview..last night only one recording was set.
I have noticed that the film is still on Browsed File List (web-if)..name only.
Any ideas??
It sounds like a problem with accurate recording. I only get UK TV from one region, but you get this 'failed to track error' when there is a last minute schedule change and a programme is no longer being broadcast at that time. The unit wakes up and looks for the AR start signal but never gets it so there is no recording, merely an orphaned hmt file. It might not be possible to use accurate recording on broadcasts from a second nation (or region). You may have to switch to padding for the Irish channels to be recorded. It is possible that you could use the multimode package: with AR as default (UK channels) and the Irish channels set for padding. Hopefully someone with first hand experience of this problem will be able to confirm my suspicions or correct any erroneous statements I may have made.
I think I made it quite clear in my relevant posts that you cannot use Accurate Recording when operating a multi-region set-up.

Advice for Tuning Multiple Regions (click)

But it's worse than that when mixing Freeview and Saorview:

Let's suppose that (like me) you live in an area where you can pick up more than one TV region (in my case Wales from Mynydd Machen and West from Mendip - I could take Wales from Wenvoe but it is easier to combine Mendip and Mynydd Machen because of the channel groups and polarisation, there is less risk of the two aerials interfering with each other).

The headline advice is: don't. I have proven categorically that AR recording does not work if you are viewing a channel from the wrong region (or the wrong region was viewed last) when a pending recording is waiting for the AR flag. Consequently trying to tune multiple regions restricts one's options to using auto-padding not AR.

However, if you accept this limitation, multiple regions can be managed with precautions - as I have been successfully doing for the last several weeks, recording the daily local news bulletins on both regions without failure. The following applies to two regions. Whether it can be extended to three or more regions I don't know. It will also not apply to mixing reception from two different national authorities where service IDs etc conflict (eg England and Ireland) - the EPGs wipe each other out rather than complementing each other.
In case you have not looked through the rest of that topic, it also discusses Saorview specifically.
You may have to switch to padding for the Irish channels to be recorded. It is possible that you could use the multimode package: with AR as default (UK channels) and the Irish channels set for padding. Hopefully someone with first hand experience of this problem will be able to confirm my suspicions or correct any erroneous statements I may have made.
That would only fix part of the issue. Both ROI and UK channels need to be padded. If just the channels from an ROI transmitter were set to padding then it would still miss a UK recording if it was switched on and watching an ROI channel, or when in standby an ROI and UK recording overlapped and the ROI was scheduled to start first.

I do tune to two transmitters and use two separate two work rounds.
The first work round is to only record from the second transmitter when I know it will be standby and the recordings do not overlap with anything from the same transmitter. Hopefully if a channel is from ROI or UK would be obvious. For my purely UK setup tunefix is set up to renumber the second transmitter's channels into the 300 to 599 range.
The second work round is to use a PVR that caters for being tuned to more than 1 transmitter.
...or two PVRs.

I use more measures than that: no non-padding recordings, but also daily EPG refreshes for both regions (which probably won't help for Freeview/Saorview because the discussion above indicates they wipe each other out).
Have read through that part ab Saorview...tested last nite by setting a recording on 839 (RTE1 HD) and leaving the channel on 803..It recorded ok...I understand that only one EPG is shown..but I can try and record of Channels 51,52 and 53. Apparently they come from the transmitter that gives me Freeview but certain programmes are blocked..if same shows are broadcast in the UK.These channels being RTÉ1+2 and TG4.
I,ll do some more testing and see what I come up with.
Thanks again for your comments..:)
Are saying is that all your ROI channels are coming from a freeview transmitter and not a soarview transmitter?

If that is the situation then that would be one of Black Mountain, Carnmoney Hill or Brougher Mountain as the all broadcast RTÉ1+2 and TG4.

In which case your issue is caused by the HDR-FOX T2 being tuned to more than 1 freeview transmitter.

The resolution is different for Brougher Mountain compared to the other two sources.
For Brougher Mountain you will need to retune to just Brougher Mountain.

If you are receiving the ROI channels from either of the other two transmitters then you will need to switch to padding. The reason for this is that they are both freeview lite transmitters and tuning into just one of those alone would cause you to loose some of the freeview channels, unless you are happy with the freeview lite selection of channels ..
Ok Luke...thanks for the reply...Yes getting from Black Mountain....800+ channels from Greenore...will definitely the padding for the latter...

Funny thing happened tonight...Corrie is on series link(AR) UTVHD...turned TV over to RTE(803) just before 19.30 to watch the football...when over went to view Corrie....failed to track programme.So there is a package within CD that is doing this...This has never happened before..
I will set up same suitation to.orrow and see what happens.

If I read that correctly, it would be expected behaviour if UTVHD and RTE are on different transmitters.
I think we realised you meant CF, but it is not clear why you said it. What makes you think a package is responsible for this?
Well it never happened before..so I,ve reverted back to the Humax Software.. I will test this again and post back.There were several things happen to the box..ie; losing 800+ channels,box reverting to factory mode, missing recordings etc... to name but a few. I have tried to understand all the topics relating to the CF and your personal links have been very helpful.
Maybe it,s just coincidence that the above happened to my box...but again..Before even knowing about CF nothing like this ever happened.

My writings generally refer to the non-customised behaviour of the HD/HDR-FOX. The problems with receiving from multiple regions are endemic and cannot be worked around by CF packages - so my experiments and advice regarding not using AR (because it is unreliable when tuned to multiple regions), and EPG refresh wake-ups, apply whether using CF or not.
Well it never happened before
You have been lucky previously. As soon as you start mixing reception from two transmitters and accurate recording you are likely to encounter situations where recordings fail and this applies to the standard firmware.