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missing channels/signal strength

hi can anyone help please just set up my humax freesat hdr 500 and am missing a few channels. I can recieve bbc1 but not bbc1 hd, itv1 hd but not normal itv1, most of the movie channels, half of the music channels and few more that i probably wouldnt watch. I have tried fiddling with the satalite dish and retuning the box to no avail if anyone has any ideas please? cheers


Forum Supporter
I suggest you have a look at lyngsat listings for UK to see if you can spot some commonality between watchable channels and non-watchable channels.
You don't give any location or dish size - this might be significant.
Other than that, you could try the techwatch and digital spy forums to see if anyone else is currently reporting anomalies in reception.
I'm afraid that I don't have my satellite stuff easily available right now for checking