Missing channels.


Hi All,

Ok, here goes.

recently on actually getting some time to watch the TV I was upstairs in bedroom and switched on the TV there was a film on film4 that I though meh I sit and watch this for a bit. About 15 mins into the film my wife decides that she want to come to bed and that she would like to watch something else. Having actually started to watch the film I went downstairs to discover the Humax box in the living room doesnt have film 4.

I am currently running

Webif : Version 0.12.0
Custom Firmware : 2.14
Humax Version : 1.02.29

I live in the midlands and in the past had some issues with channels not recording so I was advised to do a manual retune. This I did some time ago and everything works fine part from some missing channels. I had read that the new update to the humax firmware is better at tuning to mixed transmitters but according to the coverage checker I have 4 possible transmitters (Sutton Coldfield, Fenton, Winter Hill and The Wrekin) Coverage is 100% on the wrekin and sutton coldfield ones.

The question I ask is it is possible to easily add the missing channels without a retune? or should I just update to the lastest releases of everything and see how the manual return goes?
You will need to retune to add the missing channels.
Do you know which transmitter that you ARE receiving from?
It is possible to add channels, just run the manual tuning procedure for the multiplexes that contain the missing channels without starting with an aborted auto-scan.

If you need reminding of the procedure, see HERE (click).