Missing episode in schedule


I have a series link for Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes on ITV London (not HD).
This is shown every Sat and Sun morning.

However my schedule shows only the Sun episode scheduled. Checking the WebIF EPG shows the Saturday episode highlighted in blue (which I assume means the series matches).

Any ideas what is happening and what I should do?
If the Sunday EPG data was loaded before the Sat EPG data could this happen?
Have a look at the Web-If >> EPG >> click on a single programme (Link HERE) and check the Series CRID of both programmes if they are different then the Humax will think the two programmes are in different series
Not sure why Saturday's programme was not picked up here, as the two programmes are obviously not the same but are part of the same series. Not sure if the actual numerical number of the programme ID has any significance, but if so you would expect Saturday's to be lower than Sunday's as it was shown first. If Saturday's CRID was the same as say Friday's programme, the Humax would reject it because it would think it was a duplicate