Missing recordings on a Thursday?


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For the last few weeks we've noticed our box isn't recording items on a Thursday. We have series records set for Frasier on C4 at 8.30am, Emmerdale & Corrie recording on ITV HD in the evening, and when I view these in the guide I can see that they're scheduled to record (little red clock) but they just don't record at all.

Anyone have any idea what the issue is? I don't think it's the broadcaster failing to send out the "start recording!" signal because it happens on all channels and only on Thursdays!

Further info: 1.02.27 with Custom FW 2.10, Accurate recording on, CIFS script run at startup to connect to my NAS. Behaves impeccably apart from Thursdays!!
It is possible that you are mainly tuned to one transmitter but have a second transmitter lurking somewhere. Your viewing/recording habits will dictate when, and if, you then get recording faults.

Checking you are just tuned to one transmitter is possible on the HDR. Go to MENU > Settings > System > Signal Detection and then press the right arrow on the silver disk that surrounding the OK button. This will produce the UHF numbers you are tuned into.
My guess is that you are probably tuned to Sutton Coldfield. If you are just tuned to Sutton Coldfield then the list displayed should be all, and only all, 39, 40, 42, 43, 45 and 46.

Of course the cause could be something completely different but this is a possibility and is simple to check.
Also have a look in the custom firmware web interface under Diagnostics->Channel Information. It lets you see all of the channel information at once and shows the network name. You should have the same network on each row.