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Hi, I hope someone can help though I suspect my recordings will be irretrievable. I should add before going any further that I'm really not technically minded!

My Humax had been switched on for a while but when I went into the media file to watch something it wasn't loading properly, the screen was a bit stretched and whilst it had the Media icon at the top and the coloured button options at the bottom, the screen was empty. Turning it off and on again gave me a message about needing to format the HDD. Not wanting to go through something when I didn't know how it would affect everything I exited the screen it was on. The Media folder still shows I have the same storage capacity left as before this happened, and all my folders are still there of the series I've recorded, showing how many items are in each folder. However when I go into each folder all the individual episodes are missing. Also anything outside of the folders - the films and single episodes have vanished. When I go into the menu, settings, system and data storage to format storage it says to format the HDD it will delete everything.

I ran the HDD test and it says I may recover the HDD through format and Error Code 8.

Is there any way of recovering everything or is it all gone for good?

If it's any help the software version is: FHTCP 1.03.12.

Any help will be gratefully received, though I suspect it's going to be bad news.
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It really depends how important your recordings are to you, a Humax HDD format will delete all your recordings, there is a utility called Fix-disk that is part of the Custom FirmWare that may be able to recover some (or all) of your recordings, but you would have to install the CFW package, there is an introduction page (Click HERE)