Missing Remote...

Daniel Shires

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Hi everyone

Hope you're all good today. Great forum! So after much looking I lucked in today and got a ex display HD-Fox T2 for £50 from Tesco. It's in top nick, except for the missing remote. I've booted it up, but problem occurs when I try to install the channels... I can't input the password using the onboard controls :(

Does anyone know if a firmware update or a way I can program another remote to work with the unit? Obviously if worst comes to worst I'll buy one with the money I saved on the unit itself, but if there's a stopgap in the meantime I'd love to hear it!

Best wishes and thanks.
I'd be suprised if someone came up with a work around.

A new remote can cost less than £10. You may still have some money left over.

I don't usually stay in one place when watching TV and so bought a second remote to avoid carrying the original around with me. It cost under £9 from biffsbashers on ebay.

You may be able to buy a cheaper remote control which has a code you can input to set it up for the Humax but the Humax remote is well designed this time round and can double up to control some other devices as well.
With the custom firmware and a couple of other bits and bats you could simulate keypresses to the Humax software but long term I think you need a remote : )