Missing Telnet password


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One of my boxes no longer needs a password to open a telnet connection, it goes straight to the menu. It still seems to work. I tried reinstalling the Tmenu package but it made no difference. Has anyone else seen this?
It's a WebIF setting: WebIF >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Expert Mode Telnet Server

In expert mode, the Telnet server bypasses the menu (and the PIN). Type "tmenu" on the command line and you get back to it (via the PIN).
@Black Hole - he said he's getting straight into the menu so that isn't expert mode (which I should really rename!)

@MontysEvilTwin - can you see what happens if you run the /sbin/checkpin utility at the command line? That's the bit that should ask for the PIN.
humax ~ # sqlite3 /var/lib/humaxtv/setup.db "select itemtext from tbl_menuconfig where itemname='PIN_CODE';"
humax ~ # sqlite3 /var/lib/humaxtv/setup.db "update tbl_menuconfig set itemtext='0000' where itemname='PIN_CODE';"
View the setup database through the web interface diagnostics/database browser page and see if you can see the PIN in there.

Edit: prpr's first command will look for it too although I would suggest 'select *' in place of 'select itemtext' just to see all fields.
I think it is sorted out now. I had been having some problems with this HDR-FOX so I'd reverted to standard firmware and then reinstalled CFW. For reasons unknown, the setup database was missing quite a few lines, including 'pin_code'. I copied the file from another unit, edited a few parameters and rebooted. Telnet now asks for a password again. Thanks prpr and af123 for pointing me on the right direction.