Mod: Inject into/Amend humaxtv OSD


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I'm wondering now that we have cracked the hdf issue, and started development on tools, can we start to look at the actual OSD and whether additional options can be added in to it either by injection or by just replacing the humaxtv file so that we can perform tasks like unencryption and such direct from the remote.

Another one would be to amend the EPG to make it look better in places and maybe add channel logos etc, and maybe add in additional shortcuts like pressing right on a file to bring up the +OPT menu rather than pressing the +OPT button itself. Little tweaks that humax dont seem to be able to think of by themselves that i'm sure we would all like to see.

The above maybe not possible and in some eyes against the law, but i dont want to see an immediate slam-down without anyone investigating the possibilities like we had with the hdf issue ;).
Reverse enginearing the humax tv portal program? Well that won't be too hard :) The entire program is staticly compliled so there are not even libs we can change, so we would have to start by first working out what language it was writen in (which will not be that hard) but then decompiling it back to source is another thing completly.

And although its technically illegal they would have to find you first!