Modified firmware cifs/samba


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Hi All

I used to be a member on the old hummy forum and have just found this one with the modified firmware and was wondering if it would allow me to change my set up

Currently I have the hdr, an xtreamer, a nas and a win server 2008 r2 server. The nas and server both have various types of media on them that i currently stream through the xtreamer and laptops.

When i first got the hdr i had a play with hooking it up to my nas but it only listed everything on there where as my xtreamer allows me to 'mount' several directories and then lists the files or directories in there.

Would i be able to do this using the modified firmware and cifs? If so where would the directories be mounted and would they be browsable or just list every file in them.
What happens if the serve/nas is switched of does the hdr start up ok with no in your face error messages?

Similarly pre win server I had a machine running ubuntu server that i had set samba on which i could then map to my windows pc's and the xtreamer, I assume I just need o set up samba similarly to stream the files to other machines (hidef limitations taken into account)

All sounds feasible - I've used both cifs and nfs to mount shared directories on the humax (cifs has problems on OsX Lion hence using nfs as well). These just appear as usb drives on the box, and everything plays fine, including ff/rw/seek working (unlike dlna). Browsing, copying, deleting etc also work, as does automatic saving of a sidecar .hmi file that stores a "resume" position. So its much better than wressling with the built in dlna all round :) You can mount the shares at startup, or over telnet, or I've written a script to poll for the external shares appearing after the humax is switched on. It can freeze up if browsing / watching and the external share goes offline (but recovers when you switch it back on). Been meaning to try a script to ping the device and unmount the device if it goes down...