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I just wanted to post to say a big thank you to all those involved in these forums and in the development of the custom firmware. I have owned my FOX T2 for just over a year, and was already pleased with it before I discovered customer firmware & about 6 months ago – it has transformed what was already a good product into a great one. With the add-on packages my box & additional 1TB external HDD now do everything I could possibly want (and some). I’ve had a few issues but nothing I haven’t been able to fix by looking through the forum posts - most recently, fixing the crashed disk after the dreaded “Need to format ….” message.

I’m genuinely & pleasantly surprised that people take the time and effort to develop this stuff and then make it available online FOC & support it through the forum and Wiki – truly magnanimous and a superb resource. Thanks again to all of you, especially Black Hole, Ezra Pound & af123, whose posts I have found informative, illuminating, and extremely useful.

Black Hole

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Thanks for the thanks. From the statistics, it appears there are many CF users who are not registered with the forum, let alone good enough to provide feedback (good or bad - usually if we hear anything at all it's because something has gone wrong and they need help).

On the other hand, too many posts of this nature risks appearing sycophantic.