Mounting Humax's Samba Share in Ubuntu - help please


Hi Folks

I currently use Beyond Compare (file/folder compare software) on my Windows 7 PC to copy files over my network from my Humax PVRs (HDR Fox T2) which have Samba installed on them. I have a Linux version of Beyond Compare on my Netbook which has Ubuntu 12.04 installed. I can browse to the Samba shares OK but can't see them when using Beyond Compare. I believe it's because the shares need to be mounted in Ubuntu to allow Beyond Compare to see them. Am I thinking along the right lines?

I've found some info about mounting shares (see below) but need some advice on how to tweak it. The network names of my PVRs are HumaxF, HumaxG & HumaxY. Can anyone offer any guidance please?

Mounting unprotected (guest) network folders
First, let's create the mount directory. You will need a separate directory for each mount.

sudo mkdir /media/windowsshare
Then edit your /etc/fstab file (with root privileges) to add this line:

//servername/sharename /media/windowsshare cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8 0 0

  • guest indicates you don't need a password to access the share,

  • uid=1000 makes the Linux user specified by the id the owner of the mounted share, allowing them to rename files,

  • iocharset=utf8 allows access to files with names in non-English languages. This doesn't work with shares of devices like the Buffalo Tera Station, or Windows machines that export their shares using ISO8895-15.

  • If there is any space in the server path, you need to replace it by \040, for example //servername/My\040Documents
After you add the entry to /etc/fstab type:

sudo mount -a
This will (re)mount all entries listed in /etc/fstab.
No idea about any of the above, but a hint: you might have easier success using NFS rather than SMB (you can run them both on the HDR-FOX, the samba package for SMB and nfs-utils for NFS).
TimK2015 - the link in the post above shows that there is an issue with the version of Samba on the Humax and Ubuntu 14, but as you are on Ubuntu 12 you should be fine.
There is quite a nice (brief) guide on setting up a Samba client in Ubuntu here which might help you.