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moving programs from pvr9200t to HDR-FOX T2

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by jackdaww, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. jackdaww

    jackdaww New Member

    i have pvr9200t - now 5 yrs old - with many programs i want to keep - but not on dvd.

    thinking of buying HDR-FOX T2 .

    can i get these programs onto the foxt2?

    have previously unloaded from 9200 to laptop using e-linker - .TS files.

    can i load these back onto the foxt2 ? - preferably from a usb stick or portable HDD.
  2. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yes USB drives or could use FTP to transfer them from a computer. If you install the user community enhanced software there are other possibilities.