Moving to Canada–what to do?

David Brake

New Member
I do not expect to have a satellite dish when in Canada but if I did any idea whether the set-top box would actually work with it? The voltages seem to be okay but I would rather not have to bring it with me just in order to playback the existing programmes on the hard disk. I have managed to copy across several HD files (in principle I could copy the lot) but I cannot play them back on my computer - presumably because of the copy protection system in place. Is there a “fix" for that? I'm not trying to be a pirate just to watch programs I legitimately recorded without having to keep a set-top box which will no longer be useful for anything except playback.

Assuming I can get the files off is there a market for the HDR and if so what ought I to charge for it?
Unless you applied a firmware patch prior to recording the HiDef programmes, the recordings are encrypted and only decryptable on playback from the original machine.